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"Great experience. Wonderful home town chiropractor that takes time to get to know you as well as providing great care." - Review Taken from Google - Rob

"I suffered from migraines and my primary doctor couldn’t figure out why and nothing ever helped. I took it upon myself to find a chiropractor who is close to home after hearing migraines could be caused by something being unaligned. I couldn’t have picked a better office to go to! I had a migraine for two weeks straight and it was almost gone after my first adjustment. 3 weeks later and I haven’t had one since and it’s helped my quality of life so much. Not to mention, Mandi is the best!! You really feel cared for in this office and not like you’re just a name on a chart." - Review taken from Google Review - Samantha S

Best!!! I haven’t been in a while and I wish I have. When I was going I started to have instant relief. Didn’t realize how much I needed those small adjustments. I love the staff and Dr. Mark so sweet to me any my babies every time! 10/10 recommend!! - Review taken from Google Review - Amadea's World 

"Dr. Mark is simply the best better than all the rest. He is knowledgeable, personal, and explains things not only in detail but in simple English . Add to that the real person who runs the ship, just ask for Mandi who is always very knowledgeable and helpful.
This proves to me that you don’t need a large practice or a large building. It’s not that complicated. The people who work here make New Life Chiropractic the place to be for chiropractic issues."

- Review taken from Google Reviews - Frank Stewart

  "I started seeing Dr. Sullivan in February of this year.  On February 12th is was blowing snow on the porch step and I wanted to clear them before the mailman came.  Afterwards I swept the patio for my dogs comfort.  After sweeping snow I started problems with severe pain from the top of my right hip to my ankle.  This started in the late afternoon and became progressively worse.  I could not stand for more than five minutes, could not walk, drive or sleep.  My husband had to wait on me.  My son and his family have been treated by Dr. Sullivan and he insisted that I make an appointment him.  When my son called the office they were able to see me that same day.  Dr. Sullivan is very sympathetic, gracious and explained to me my problem in fell detail.  I was very impressed that Dr. Sullivan began with taking x-rays before beginning treatment.  A complete examination and a full detailed explanation and also thorough answers to my questions helped me a lot.  After treatment I now have NO pain in my hip or leg and minimal pain above my hip and near my spine.  I am able to walk comfortably, drive my vehicle and I do not have to rely on my spouse for assistance.  Dr. Sullivan's staff is helpful, cheerful and outstanding."

Dorothy - Retired Teacher 

In 2008 I hurt my self somehow, I didn't know how. I wasted most of my summer in pain. Until one very special day when I went to the fair. I turned my head one way too quick and hurt it badly. My mom said lets go to the tents to find a chiropractic office. So we found the best one possible. We talked to Dr. Mark and his staff. Fortunity we got an appointment in the next two days. So we went. it was scary at first but they helped me get through the hurt. To this very day I am still going to New- Life Chiropractic. They are the best out there in the chiropractic compotition. I would go everyday if I had to.

Sincerly, Bradley L. Age 11 Wrote on December 17, 2008

Thank You Doc.

Mark, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you've done for me. Most folks, when hearing of my neck pain, were pushing for me to see a medical doctor and a neyologist. However those that know ME pushed New-Life. Glad I listened to the folks in the "New- Life fan club." Gave me back my ADL's. Thank you again w/ much appreciation.

Steve Smith

How Chiropractic care helped me regain my health:

During January I was awaken by an excutiating headache, a headache like I have never experienced in my whole life which resulting in me visiting the ER two times over one weekend. At the ER I was seen for severe migranes, given an MRI, CT scan and a spinal time, which all came back clear for viruses, or other brain type concerns. I was given several medications to help with this migranes, none of which seemed to help with the pain I was in.  I then visited a Neologist who was also at a loss as to what to do other than to treat the pain with medication. During the week I dicided to make a  choice to see a chiropractor. I have been suffering form migrane type headaches for more than ten years now, they are progressivly getting worse. I am not sure if the cause of my headaches , I haven't been in a major accident or suffered any trama that I am aware of. I have seen a chiropractor in the past to help correct the curve of my spine. Once I dicided to seek chiropractic care for my migrane I found Dr. Mark Sullivan by doing an internet search. He was kind enough to see me immediatly. After he adjusted my neck I immediately felt some relief. He then again saw me each day for adjustments of my neck and back. After seeing him for only three days my health took a drastic change for the better. My headache was alliviated, my neck felt less stressed and I altogether felt normal again. I have done a lot of internet research on Migraine and I have yet to find any imformation leading to the cure if the pain. I have been seeing Dr. Sullivan for six days and I think that I am 85% better than when I saw him the first time. My husband is also seeing Dr. Mark for some back and shoulder issues he had experienced and he is doing much better as well. I woul have to say that in my treatment that Chiropractic may be the answer to cure my headaches. Thanks so much.

Andrea and Bob

Dr. Sullivan, Thank you for getting me on my feet so to speak. You are fine and very patient with me in all my ills. I send my best regards for your future.

Thank you,


Dear Dr. Mark, I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me in the past year. Plus, I know I would never have been able to work as much as I did without your help. From the shoulder to the back and especially helping me find out the problems with my neck.

Thank you so much,


Dr. Mark at New-Life Chiropractic on Avery Rd is awesome! Not only did he get us back in shape after a car accident last year, but he was key in us finally getting Sydney Weadock to the right orthopaedic who could help us with her knee issues. Whereas three other 'top' orthos looked at a poor resolution MRI and told us just a little PT would do the trick, Dr. Peter Edwards found not one, not two but three debilitating knee issues. Would have never gotten her on the right track (literally one issue was her patella was OFF track!) without Dr. Mark at New-Life Chiropractic! He and Mandi R Rae rock!

Michelle Weadock

He is the best! I had my reservations about using a chiropractor but when Kyla developed scoliosis and had a lot of pain with it, Dr. Mark can always relieve her pain. At her last orthopaedic check the curve in her spine actually improved! Her ortho doctor was surprised but we know it was Dr. Mark's adjustments that helped it. Kudos to New Life Chiropractic!

Lisa Stroh

New patients receive first visit for $59 (normally $110). Includes a complete consultation, spinal examination and x-rays only.

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  • "I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you've done for me. Most folks, when hearing of my neck pain, were pushing for me to see a medical doctor and a neyologist. However those that know ME pushed New-Life. Glad I listened to the folks in the "New- Life fan club." Gave me back my ADL's. Thank you again."
    Steve S. / Hilliard, OH

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